Wholesale and Retail Store Management
We built an e-commerce product that integrates with Shopify to allow e-commerce merchants to manage and sync product, inventory, and order data across retail and wholesale stores.
Find the best fare between Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and Taxi
We launched and grew to over 100k users in month one before Uber requested we remove their real-time fares from our service. Read our blog post where we analyze Surge and Prime Time pricing, and the cost of loyalty for using each service.
Build a personalized travel guide
We built a travel discovery site for building personalized travel maps with inspiration from dozens of existing travel sites and blogs like the NY Times, Thrillist, the Lonely Planet, Nomadic Matt, and Zagat.
Explore the World Through a Social Video Experiment
We took a GoPro and literally gave it away with the hopes that it would travel from person to person around the world, capturing footage of inspiring people, places, and experiences.
Matthew Liu, CEO
Previously Product at YouTube, Google, Qwiki, Bonobos
Traveler to 7 continents, MMA Enthusiast, Lucid Dream Practitioner
Jonathan Goldman, CTO
Previously Engineering at YouTube, Google
Might have a compulsion for pressing keys, when not on the computer often at the piano